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parody was made for and how much tax money was used to pay for it?. >> the government spends millions of dollars for presidents once they leave the white house, who is the costliest former president? >> and the future of a south of market nightclub after three people were shot there over the weekend. >> and on twitter at m finney. >> taking a look now at the san francisco skyway. looks about typical for this time of the day. very heavy traffic for drivers on the left-hand side of the screen. better for drivers heading skpouj beyond. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. >>> the indian unit of ford is apologizing for a series of ads that demean women. one is showing former illustration of paris hilton and kartd yashin sisters. the ads caused an uproar coming just after india passed a law on violence against women following the gage rape and death of a student. the ad posted online in an agency hired by ford and never used commercially. ford says it regrets the images. >> strange regulation to go where no government employee has gone before. >> yes. they did go there. irs is ta
and journalists government officials. they loved it see if you love it when the movie opens in theaters friday. tonight check out splash a new celebrity diving competition show. >> this is scarier than i thought. i never knew i had this much fear of heights until now. it's crazy. >> catch action from "splash" premiers tonight at 8:00 here on abc. last night was the premier of "dancing with the stars". the lowest score went to dl hugly. >> i was never confident. i'm going to do better next week. >> catch a look at week one tonight at 9:00 on abc. for post show interviews go to >> still ahead a somber anniversary. how the bay area is honoring those killed in iraq 10 years since the war started. >> defiant behavior of an 18-year-old in court as he's sentenced for killing three students in >>> president ob yumma about to leave on a trip to the middle east. the white house says the visit will be geared towards winning hearts and minds of the israeli people. it include several symbolic stops. the president set to meet with israeli prime minister and then meet with palestinian's president b
to israel as president. how the israeli government is trying to improve his image. >> and take bigt out of apple. samsung increasing its competition with apple on its home turf in silicon valley. >> experts are ready to take your questions. here is the number to call on here is the number to call on the insosoe enaatint ilyel y s luloonge iuronirplin ocdiou r om >>> the president is in the middle of a foreign trip, visiting rail railing to reassure prime minister net tanya hoo of his friendship. abc news reporter thoma bradley with more now. >> a warm welcome for the president on the first day of the visit to israel. the president got down to business reassuring israelies the u.s. will stand with allies against all threats. >> america's commitment to the security of the state of israel is a solemn obligation. and the security of israel is nonnegotiatable. >> during a meeting with the israeli prime minister president obama discussed iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon. >> all option are on the table. >> u.s. investigating a claim that rebel forces used chemical weapons in an attack. >
, to the government maybe they'll never end up on the web. if you use almost anyone else they're going to send it out. if you're dealing with a rip putable firm this is a drop of an association. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next the new effort to fill up empty store fronts in the south bay. it's not retailers looking to fill the vaik cans yeez. who is moving in. >> and coming up a vietnamese family separated now reunited by illness. big brother journey to the bay area. >> plus, one principal can now add crime fighter to his resume. how he >>> san jose retailers getting together. >> they're trying to fill empty store front was start ups in hope they become permanent. >> the event begins at 5:00. abc 7 news has the story tonight from downtown san jose. this store front today is nearly filled with people at work on their start ups. susan came from redwood city to meet others and share ideas. >> we don't have anything like this here. i thought i'd give it a shot. it's very cool. >> this space is part of the pilot program in exformt see what the city would be like. 20% of shops sit vaik yanlt. empl
of psychological therapy. looks like barbara streisand is headed to israel. government officials says she's set to perform in june for the 90s birthday. but so far there has about no word from streisand. >> oz the great and powerful showing strength for the second week in a row. the preek quell held a number one spot taking in $42.2 million, making oz biggest movie of 2013. for more headlines and video goes to >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 hillary clinton makes a big announcement today. could it westbound a sign for her political future? >> and we're live with bart right now about the plan during tonight's commute. >> the controversial vaccine many parents don't want to give their teen girls but doctors are r >>> today former secretary of state hillary clinton joined the ranks of politicians who support same-sex marriage. >> she announced her position on a web vido from a human rights campaign z mark matthews is here now with video and reaction. mark? >> if you are keeping track it's the president changing his position last year. and then, republican senator portman last week, n
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5